Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Best Of Ssangyong So Far The e-XIV

SsangYong e-XIV

If you are waiting for the latest release of Ssangyong then your wait will be answered because the new concept car of Ssangyong will be released soon and this time it will be in Paris. The model of the car is Ssangyong e-XIV and with only the features and images of the car officially released the craze for this car is just amazing. This is the third concept car that Ssangyong will be released and the features which they have declared it seemed that this model is going to be the best among the three. The e-XIV has been described as an electric exciting user interface vehicle with four doors. This may sound a bit common after the XIV 1 and XIV 2 but since these cars are very spacious it is quite obvious that they would have four doors. The other two cars were unveiled in the year 2011 at Frankfurt and Geneva respectively.

SsangYong e-XIV Concept

If you are thinking that this concept car would be the same as the previous two models then you may well be wrong because they were diesel and petrol powered vehicles but this model comes with a whole new feature of Powertrain. The main advantage of this kind of feature is that it is very advanced and the extender of this has a power plug in too. The engine of the Ssangyong is petrol generated and also acts as the generator of the car so that it can help the battery in order to drive the electric motor. What this does is it consumes very low fuel and emits a small amount of gas. This feature is perfect for long driving and even if you have a small distance to cover the mere power of the car will help you out with that.

One of the most important features of the Ssangyong e-XIV is that the roof can be expanded and it has a solar cell that is mounted on top of the roof. This has helped to comply with the rule of green credentials which most cars are following these days. With so many good features you must be wondering what the dimensions of the car are. Well for the benefit of the customers this car has been made more spacious with a length of 4160mm, width of 1790mm and a height of 1575mm. If you are thinking of the wheelbase dimension then it has 2600mm of wheelbase. So you can well imagine how the car would look like in the original. One thing which can be said about this car is that only few designs and themes is almost similar to the Range Rover Evogue. With the headlights of aggressive LED and huge alloys to support the sharp muscular wheel arches you can surely bet your money on this car. The rear bumper and pillars have flowing lines which makes the car all the more attractive and the Korean manufacturers have said that till date this has been the best concept car that Ssangyong has ever produced.


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