Monday, 13 August 2012

Cadillac Glamour Coupe Concept Set An Example Of Top Class Engineering

cadillac glamour

Of the leading automobile producing companies in the world, the Cadillac is a well known company which introduces high class SUV, sedans, coupes, sports wagons and crossovers to the market of supercars. These vehicles have a good customer satisfaction reviews. The detailed technology, marvellous exterior and interior designs and the engineering works of the car drags the interest of the people who are crazy about cars. Post purchase customer support and servicing is also highly developed. You can customize the car in just the way you want. Some of the models of Cadillac like the Escalade and XTS are famous for their luxurious interior decoration and passenger comfort. They are also renowned for their extraordinary styling and powerful performance. For the transport of most prestigious citizens, there is no comparison of Cadillac Limousine which is used throughout the world. Cadillac is also on a high roll when it comes to concept cars. The CIEL concept and Urban Luxury concept of the company is a good treat for people who are crazy about cars. They set an example of the zenith of technology mixed with mechanical and automotive engineering and high performance well designed vehicles as a result.

cadillac glamour ciel

The Cadillac ‘Glamour’ Coupe is also one of the concepts shared by Cadillac. It is a secret until recently some teaser images of this fascinating new concept vehicle is being released by Cadillac in Concours d’Elegance held at Pebble Beach in California. The Detroit based luxury division of General Motors gave a sneak peak to two sketches of this brand new concept car. A forum member of GM Inside News cleaned up and extrapolated the images given by Cadillac on this new concept during its presentation, to give us a better idea and the expectations of this dramatically styled coupe. The coupe appears to be constructed on the unparalleled design of CEIL with sporting narrow headlights, long tail light towers, a wide V- shaped grille and quite some sharp angles at the rear. This concept car is totally under construction. Hence apart from very little details, most of the specifications and explanations of the car are yet unclear to us and is expected to be revealed within a few months.

cadillac glamour concept

One of the very famous concept by Cadillac was Sixteen Cylinder Convertible that they had years ago. Cadillac has a good demand in expressing their concepts and they are well accepted throughout the world. People love the way this company introduces the concepts and designs them. The Sixteen Cylinder Convertible concept sets an example of high end finishing to the world and people expect this concept to subside the others. According to the words of Clay Dean, the director of advanced designs of Cadillac, this car reflects back not for nostalgia, but that made them great at one time. This concept has been styled under the new design direction of the brand, “American glamour meets American technology”, as referred informally. It is expected that this concept car is going to bring a steep step to the advancement of sports cars in terms of technology and top class engineering.


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